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        Are you thinking about Downsizing?

        Moving to a new home n be frustrating. Downsizing to a smaller home n be outright daunting. Your current home has more furniture than your new, smaller home or condo n accommodate. From the moment you buy your new home, I n help you with the transition of downsizing from a larger space to a smaller space. 

        My name is Maureen Coates, and I am a certified decorator, design consultant and the owner of Luxury Transitions. I experienced downsizing first hand moving from a large family country home, to a smaller city home, then finally to a new condo build in the heart of downtown Ottawa. I now focus my business on helping others do the same. Designing beautiful and functional spaces with an element of luxury that is uniquely yours, is my priority.



        I believe in surrounding yourself with the things you love.

        Maureen coates



        Do you have a decorating project on the horizon? Are you downsizing and don't know what to take and what not to? Are you a member of the press who'd like to be in touch? Click here to submit an email that lands directly in my inbox. I'll get back to you promptly.

        Or, if you prefer, just give me a ll: 613-286-9132 


        Follow me on Instragram.